We have this discussion at almost every event.  Which stage is the most hated?

Judging by the amount of groans we get at events when Mexico pops up, that seems like the prime candidate.  But what about the others?  What are the most popular stages, and what are the other less popular stages?

We held a poll on the FaceBook group and well, the results weren’t all too surprising.  Mexico/T Hawk’s stage was predictably last place.  11 players polled disliked it a lot and only 1 player really liked it (is that you Genesis?).  At the other end of the scale was USA/Guile’s stage with no dislikes at all.  It was also the stage with the most “like a lot” votes coming it at 18 votes.  It must be the music!


Spain/Claw’s held second spot for a long time but dropped down the ranks as more surveys were completed, other than that the top 5 stages are pretty much what most people would expect (Ken, Guile, Boxer, Cammy).

There was also a bit of movement in the bottom 4 or so as results came in.  Dhalsim’s stage being low down isn’t such a surprise due to the less than hype music, but you would have thought that it being one of the faster stages would have saved it a little.


Hong Kong being low down isn’t much of a surprise either, no doubt owing to the music again as there isn’t much objectionable about the stage itself (unlike Mexico where a common complaint is that it’s too bright/busy).

What was surprising was seeing DeeJay’s stage so low down.  For a long time it was second from bottom.  Who knew it was so unpopular?


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