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UD CPS2 is the name given to a modified CPS2 arcade board which is produced by Undamned.  It replaces the JAMMA PCB edge connector with USB controller inputs that support Xbox 360 and PS3 controls, and a standard Playstation AV out that can produce composite, S-video and RGB via SCART.

Power is supplied to the unit using a laptop power supply, rather than the PC/ATX type power supply you would be more familiar with from desktop PCs and arcade cabinets.  Quite simply, the UD CPS2 is an arcade board that has been transformed into a console.

Controller Compatibility

The UD CPS2 features standard USB input with upgradable firmware and accepts controllers designed for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.  Support for each pad and stick has to programmed into the firmware by Undamned, so there may be some really obscure controllers that aren’t supported.  Support for the Playstation 4 Dual Shock control may depend on the revision of your control with the current UD CPS2 firmware due to changes from Sony.  We will update this page as soon as full support is available.

Converters (eg PS1 or PS2 to PS3) aren’t officially supported, but may work if the converter itself emulates a standard control pad.  This unfortunately needs to be tested on a case by case basis and we cannot promise that converters (especially generic PC ones such as SNES to USB) will work.

Configuring Buttons

If your stick or pad is a standard retail product (eg you haven’t rewired the buttons to a non-standard layout), then the UD CPS2 should apply the correct button mapping automatically.  Standard button mappings have been added for all supported controls, so if your stick or pad is supported and you use the default layout, then it means there is no need to configure it or do button checks!

If however you do need to change your button mapping:
1)  Before plugging your control in, hold down 3 attack buttons
2)  Wait for the LED on the UD CPS2 to flash, then press the buttons you wish to use in the order of weak punch, medium punch, fierce punch, weak kick, medium kick, fierce kick.

The configuration will be saved as long as your stick is connected or the UD CPS2 is turned off.  Soft resetting the system (via the test menu) will not affect button mapping.

Starting A Game

As this is still arcade hardware, it will expect you to put money in it!  Of course there is no way of doing this on the UD CPS2, so inserting coins is done by pressing select or back.  Some versions of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo have a freeplay mode where you don’t have to insert coins however.

Resetting The Game

Should you need to reset the game for any reason (stage change or selecting another character), this can be done by pressing all 6 attack buttons, start and back at the same time.  Player 1 will need to scroll down to “exit” and press jab.

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