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We are committed to providing bigger and better events and attracting new players.  We want to ensure that Super Turbo gets the main game treatment it still deserves, and that the players have an enjoyable tournament experience whether they are playing or watching.

As Play Expo nears, we have decided to take our setup to the next level to provide a better player/spectator experience and to stand out and grab the attention of people passing by the fighting games area.  These improvements will help us deliver tournaments more in line with what players expect from major events (headsets, spectator area etc).

We are a non profit project, which means we have to fund this ourselves.  So to reach our next milestone, we are asking the community if they can help.  Any amount, no matter how small goes towards the end result!

If you would like more information regarding the specifics of the setup improvements or our future plans, please check the about page.

Last updated:  02 May 2016 at 15:05

Total Progress: 98.9%


Stage 1:  Spectator LCD & Tripod                    £165/£165
Stage 2:  RCA Distribution Amplifier                 £13/£13
Stage 3:  Cables/Interconnects                         £34/£34
Stage 4:  Commentary Webcam                            £48/£48
Stage 5:  PA Mixer                                                       £70/£70
Stage 6:  PA Microphone                                          £29/£29
Stage 7:  Player Headsets & Splitter               £90/£90
Stage 8:  Capture Card                                        £150/£150
Stage 9:  PA Speaker                                             £191/£200


Top Supporters

1)  GMC|Zero1 – £550
2) DB | The Dudley Boyz – £100
3)  MBA|The BP Tank – £50
3)  Halrey – £50
5) GMC|Festilence – £20
5) GMC|GolcarJack – £20
5)  …
6)  …
7)  …


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