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For 4 years now, we have been organising tournaments and supporting events all around the country in our endeavour to show people that Super Turbo is still played seriously and has a passionate scene.  We have also been attracting new players as well as reviving the interest of older players, meaning that the scene is stronger and more diverse than it has been in years.

Due to the support we offer to tournament organisers, as well as the community who support us by attending such events, Super Turbo retains a strong prescence at tournaments despite the onslaught of new games.  We have even inspired other tournament organisers to pick up ST who now run it of their own accord.

However, it wasn’t always so good.  ST was largely neglected; often relegated to side tournament status which meant it had little to no promotion, few setups, no hype and generally wasn’t captured either.

We didn’t like seeing ST get neglected and decided to step up our game and become involved in running, supporting and hosting tournaments to the point where we now host tournaments on arcade hardware with head to head setups, fully captured.

We are a non profit project, and we are proud of it.  We are proud of the fact that our only motive is the love of the game, and that our community gets out what they put in – we don’t take cuts!  However, we wanted to make some significant upgrades to our setup last year and was suggested to run a donation drive by a fellow tournament organiser.  We were overwhelmed by the support we received.  The commentary kit has been an amazing addition to our setup and has been used ever since, no matter how small the event is.

It was clear that the community supports what we do and trusts us to push forward, so we have decided to hold another donation drive to help us reach our biggest milestone yet.

Play Expo is around the corner and is probably the best chance of getting new players into Super Turbo as the event attracts all kinds of people and has a huge retro games following – the kinds of people who love games like Super Turbo.

But a lot of people don’t realise there is (still!) a scene for ST, so Play Expo is our chance to showcase it, which is why we are upping the levels.

We want to improve the player experience by providing headsets to help with noisy environments, a large LCD for spectators and a powerful PA system for that awesome atmosphere and to keep the players up to date on what is happening and when they are required to play their matches.

We are now taking to live streaming as well as our regular edited YouTube videos, so we have thrown another webcam into the mix and a microphone so that we can have our commentators on camera or hold player interviews for those events where we have ample space.

We  do not expect to be able to raise the complete amount, but anything the community can help with would be very much appreciated.  Thank you!

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