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Hey guys!
We recently launched the Grand Master Challenge Discord group and it’s already taking shape quite nicely. Discord is still reasonably new in the grand scheme of things, so I wanted to make this post to bring you up to speed on what it is, and why I hope you will get involved.

Simply put, Discord is a chat application aimed at gamers.  There are Windows and Mac versions for desktops and laptops and also Android and iOS versions for phones and tablets.  You can also run it from within a web browser without installing anything which means you can use it on pretty much any device that has a reasonably good browser.  There is also an experimental Linux version.

Discord provides a chat room similar to IRC or the one you can find on FightCade.  The way Discord works is that you have servers which are different groups or chat rooms, and within those, channels which are the topics.  For example, Grand Master Challenge is our server, and st-general, st-matchmaking, st-livestreams and st-events are channels/topics within it.  Channels/topics can be easily added, so let us know if you have any suggestions.


Discord also supports voice chat!  We have a few different voice channels for people playing on FightCade, Xbox 360 or PS3, so please try them out.  Simply jump into the relevant voice channel and you are good to start chatting.  You will be shown in the voice channel, so it also works as a way of showing people that you are playing and looking for games.

Don’t have a headset?  You can use a general purpose microphone or the microphone you can usually find built into a laptop.  Another option may be to use the mobile app and talk through your phone like a speaker phone, or grab a cheap pair of earphones with an inline mic.

Discord can also auto detect if you are playing on FightCade, so you can see who’s online even when you aren’t at a computer (but for this to be effective, we need people to get on board!).

We will also be trialing Discord for events as a way to notify people when they are required to play their matches.  A channel specific to the event will be created and updates will be posted in there.  We will give you more information on that closer to the time, so keep an eye on our Discord or Facebook group for when that happens.

Private messaging is planned for a future update.

Hope to see you there!

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