A few people have asked about the difference between the Dreamcast port to the original Arcade port, at VsFighting II, GMC ran its beta tournament on the Dreamcast Version because of different reasons this seems to be the best home port of the original CPS2 board.

We have listed below the differences from various website/resources from the Internet to help others when making the same decision as to what home port is best to use.

First differance is the screen display. Below we have the arcade version which has had a boxes drawn around T.Hawk and Ken.

duckingarcadeArcade Version

duckingDCDreamcast Version

The same template of boxes have been copied onto the Dreamcast screenshot.

Vertically the character fill the box, though horizontally the Dreamcast version has made the characters thinner. There is no evidence to show that this affects gameplay in any way.

For most tournaments there is always a concern of input lag, the Dreamcast version occasionally suffers from 1 frame of input lag (possibly more if you’re using a controller converter), though this is undetectable by most players.

During “Round 1/2/3, FIGHT!”, the game suffers from noticeable slowdown, regardless of the speed setting. In the arcade version, if you start counting from the moment the background becomes visible until the moment your can control your characters, the elapsed time is almost exactly two seconds. In the Dreamcast version, it’s almost exactly 3 seconds. This means you must slightly alter the timing of youropening attack.

In the arcade version, O.Chun can not control the strength of her reversal fireball. (The game “stores” the strength that you previously did.) This was corrected in the Dreamcast version. Strangely, T.Hawk and O.Dictator suffer from similar problems with reversal uppercut and reversal Devil’s Reverse, respectively. There is a DIP switch to correct O.Dictator’s, but T.Hawk’s remains in tact.

By default, there are a few other slight gameplay differences as well (such as Dhalsim/Ken/Sagat being able to reversal super), but aside from the above mentioned reversal glitches for Chun and Hawk, all of the tested and known differences can be corrected using the in-game DIP switches.

  • Holds (such as Yoga Noogie, Boxer’s throw, etc) will always have the same duration if you don’t mash.
  • Almost no difference in speed between stages.
  • Instead of “PUSH START”, it says “PRESS START”.
  • Difficult to kill and dizzy at the same time using Honda’s command throw.
  • Guile makes a grunt when he does his kick air throw.
  • No hit noise during Hawk’s Fierce punch throw.
  • Hawk’s Jab and Strong 360 sounds don’t get cut off.
  • Fei Long can’t cancel rapid fire st.Jabs into jump.
  • O.Dictator’s st.Fierce graphic glitch is corrected.

Conclusion: We have noted as many differences we can find from the Internet and hope this will aid you in your home console port choice. As you already know GMC will choose this version for tournaments as once the Dip Switches have been set the game plays very close to the original CPS2 Hardware.

There are also 2 secret menu options on the Dreamcast version (EX Options & Secret Options) which we plan on listing in detail shortly.

Source: Thanks to NKI for the above information

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