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Step Up

The Merseyside FGC have been busy holding regular events but have now decided it’s time to bring bodies from around the country and are holding their first major event.  Located in Liverpool, this is a part of the country we haven’t run Super Turbo in before, so it will be interesting to see if there are any hidden killers.  Of course Liverpool has no shortage of killers with players like Fuzzy and DJ Sylenth, so you had better not sleep on this part of the FGC.  Liverpool is also not too far away from Manchester, so expect to see some familiar faces.


Registration information

Signups are being handled via and will be available online until September 15th.  On the day signups are possible but will cost more.  As always, we strongly encourage players to sign up early to allow us to seed you as accurately as possible.

MBA are aiming to have all tournaments done by 18:00, although the venue is open until 23:00.

Event Summary

Date: 12:00 – 21:00 Saturday 21st September
Location: Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Street, Liverpool L3 5UL
Venue Entry Fee: £10 venue

Solo Double Elimination
Sign ups:
Start time: TBC
Tournament Fee: £5
System:  UD CPS2
Prize: Pot split, 60% 1st place, 30% 2nd place, 10% 3rd place
Format: Double elimination, best of 5 for all stages of the tournament with best of 7 for grand finals
Rules: JP Turbo 3 (same as US Turbo 2). 99 seconds, 2 rounds. Akuma banned. Players decide 1p/2p side on mutual agreement and where mutual agreement cannot be reached, rock paper scissors decides. Sides cannot be switched during a match. Winner of the last match sticks with the current character, loser is able to pick.

Venue Information:

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