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When the old Grand Master Challenge forum was up and running I was in the process of writing a strategy guide for my favourite character. Looking back at my first version (which was never completed) I didn’t have the same knowledge of the character as I do now. I’ve been playing the game for around 2 years now and have been meaning to return to writing this guide. Whether your having trouble beating Dictator, or want to learn how to play him yourself, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience thus far playing the game.

Over time I’d like to write other articles related to the game, the UK ST scene, and various other topics others may find interesting or informative. This should ease me back in with a topic I know and give me the impetus to write these articles on a regular basis. I’ll look at posting these once a week to start with and see what happens from there. This all being said, lets start with the basics.

Dictator is widely considered to be a mid tier character. He has a strong ground game utilizing his pokes and special moves. The strength of his air game is dependant on opponent.  His defence is very poor and is the worst in the game. His offensive capabilities offset this some what, but do not offer protection when cornered or trapped in certain situations. His movement speed is good; allowing for strategies built around his standing forward and roundhouse kicks. Due to this walk speed Dictators throw can put fear in opponents as they are sometimes required to guess when you are going to move in for the kill. While he does have deadly combos that can lead to touch of death set-ups or simply high damage, I personally believe this advantage can be overstated sometimes. It is a strength, but is no substitute for the fundamental elements that, more often than not, will secure the win more often.

Though Dictator is an aggressive character his lack of defence puts him in an odd position. Because his defence is so poor it can often compromise his offensive power. You’ll see often when watching match videos Dictator players take a strong lead, only to find themselves cornered and losing the round. His other problem is that he can’t sustain a long string of aggression as well as Boxer, for example, as many of his special moves are easier to dodge or negate with certain normals. He is not, in my opinion, best used attacking head on; rather he requires an ‘out of the box’ mentality in order to get into his best positions. Yet in the same breath there are those players who manage to play a strong zoning style and be successful with it.

The two players who epitomise these differing styles need no introduction: Yuuvega and Taira. Yuuvega uses mind games, patience, fundamentals, and a large box of tricks to keep his opponents off guard. Taira focuses on the fundamentals and very high execution in order to play a clean and precise game. Both of these players are worth searching for on youtube and studying their matches. They are different sides of the same coin, but still it often comes down to threading the eye of the needle in order to win. There are many talented Dictator players around the world who I will mention in a later article. Watching as many different players as you can is a good practise as everyone brings something different to the game.

On conclusion; Dictator is a strong character in the right hands and can be very effective. This being said many match-ups are an up hill battle that require lots of practise in order to master. He is a frustrating character to play at times, but with perseverance a very rewarding one as well.

Next time I will write a list of notable players around the world, as well as going through his normal moves and how best to use them.

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