For years we have been looking at finding a way to play Super Turbo in its true form without having to move around an arcade cabinet or supergun system. A few years back a UK member created a consolized CPS2 board, a couple sold but never seemed to take of and really unsure what happened to the development of this.

DSC08455_zps225bad18Brian “Undamned” Grissom (SRK forum member)  has created and looking to produce the UD-CPS2!! The UD-CPS2 is a “consolized” CPS2 (Capcom Play System 2), in basic terms this will act like a console system to allow CP2 games (About 40 titles) to act as cartridges and allow a plug and play system. The standard compatibility for the UD-CPS2 is US/Blue and JP/Green. In terms of controllers there is an interface which  is compatible with XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 controllers and is able to be updated via PC to expand controller support and key mapping.

Unlike most supergun’s needing seperate speakers and a scart connector, making any type of stream/capturing device a technical nightmare the UD-CPS2 boost the same AV Multi Out connector as the original Sony Playstation console.

The UD-CPS2 prototype has been tested in a few places in the USA over the last 2 years and at EVO 2013 the production model was being used and was happily  received by players at EVO

You can follow the thread to the UD-CPS2 on Shoryuken’s Tech Talk Forum here.

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