Hey guys, Zero1 here.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks as I tackle some much needed website updates, attend and stream tournaments, as well as launching new twitter and YouTube accounts.  The YouTube channel is an ongoing project as I try to track down tournament videos for as many different UK events as possible, and this is quite time consuming.  You can check it out right now as there is a reasonable amount of content, most of it being older stuff as I try to go through everything in chronological order.
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I have a few tournaments that need to be edited and uploaded (TeeSports and SFO December) as they had audio issues and were put on the back burner.  Jason AKA DNA has also told me he has a large collection of older tournaments including the first Grand Master Challenge tournament he held at VS Fighting II, (which incidentally I won and is when I joined Grand Master Challenge) and also the events we ran at Play Expo and iseries.  We didn’t have capture gear back then, so unfortunately it’s off screen.  Hopefully it will be good enough quality to still enjoy.

I haven’t forgotten about the IIX 20th Anniversary either.  Sad to say that almost a year on, the videos are still not online due to me not getting hold of the files until later in the year and putting those on the back burner too as they need some TLC in the quality department.

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