What if the song we know as Guile’s theme was never actually intended to be used on Guile’s stage?  What if Ken’s theme actually played on Guile’s stage?

Guile’s theme is so iconic, it seems impossible to imagine anything else being played on Guile’s stage but I speculate that Ken’s theme may originally have been destined for Guile’s stage but got swapped just before release.

Listen to this.

Sounds awfully similar to Ken’s CPS1 (World Warrior/Championship Edition/Hyper Fighting) theme, right?

That song is from Top Gun (trailer here).  Guile’s design and stage very much fit the theme of the movie, with Capcom even going as far as having a fighter jet in the background.  Ken’s theme is obviously heavily influenced by the music in Top Gun; so much so that you could argue that Ken’s theme and Guile’s stage should have co-existed as a full on Top Gun parody.

But as with the name change where Capcom changed Boxer’s name from M.Bison (a parody of Mike Tyson) to Balrog to avoid copyright/legal issues, it would stand to reason that Capcom also changed the music around because otherwise Guile’s stage with Ken’s music would have bared too much similarity to Top Gun.

Copyright allows derivative works where the content is based on, yet significantly different to the original, but maybe Capcom felt that Ken’s theme with Guile’s stage would have drawn too much attention and decided to play it safe.

But that’s not all.

You can hear bits of Guile’s theme in T-square’s Travelers, another song that predates World Warrior.  Could Guile’s theme originally have been Ken’s theme, meaning it was literally a straight swap?  The song title Travelers may be a clue, especially as Ken’s stage is a dock – perhaps suggesting that Ken was traveling around fighting?


As a special bonus, check out this link to see some of the stuff that was left in the game but unused, one of which being an alternate title graphic suggesting the game was originally going to be called Street Fighter IIZ

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