Jason Nguyen


Fountain Valley, CA


Deejay, Balrog


GMC: Can you remember your first encounter with SSF2T, and did you instantly become a fan?
AfroLegends: My first encounter was probably at my local arcade, Beach and Warner, when I was maybe 9 or 10 at the time. My bro, Donovan, took me there one day and I couldn’t wait to play it. I had already been playing SF since WW days so I was pretty familiar with the game.

GMC: What is the most memorable tournament/event you have played in, and why?
AfroLegends: Probably EVO2k9 simply because every competitive player wants to win EVO and to actually do it was the greatest feeling in the world. I am now a part of history and nobody can take that away.

GMC: Is there any advice you wish you’d have been given when you were new to competition?
AfroLegends: Probably to work on the fundamental parts of my game first. When I first started playing SF, I always wanted to land the big combo and I would lose matches because of it. When I became more familiar with the basics and learned the importance fundamentals is when I started winning more.

GMC: How do you prepare for a tournament, is there a routine of training before the event?
AfroLegends: If EVO was on the horizon, my routine would be to dedicate one day of training against each particular character. So one day I would use just practicing combos, setups, perfecting spacing, developing strategies, and figuring the nuances of the match against Guile, then the next day I would do the same but against a different character. The reason I do this is because you never want to be surprised by anything in tournament play. SF is a game of reactions and if you’ve seen it before, most likely you will react to it faster.

GMC: You are most known for playing Balrog/DeeJay. How did you settle on these characters as a tournament winners?
AfroLegends: Well, DeeJay has always been my favorite character in ST. I always thought he was an underrated character and I have no clue why more people didn’t use him at the time. I guess everybody was saying he was a weak man’s Guile, but I was determined to prove everybody wrong. I just felt he had the whole package from combos, good normals, and being able to win by fighting aggressively or defensively.
With Balrog, I really didn’t start using him until 2006. At this point, I had already been playing DeeJay for 12 years now and felt I had maxed out (no pun intended, haha) his knowledge. It just felt like a good time to learn a new character. The reason I chose Balrog is because his playstyle was the complete opposite of DeeJay’s. Where DeeJay beats you by zoning and fighting defensive, Balrog beats you by punching you in te face constantly and not letting you get back up. I just thought it was a perfect match in terms of radically different playstyles to throw off my opponent.

GMC: What players do you enjoy watching play Super Turbo and how do you fair when playing against them?
AfroLegends: Too many to name but here’s a few: Choi, Valle, Watson, Cole, Wolfe bros, Jumpsuit, DGV, Zazza…I could go on forever. I won’t go into how I fair againt them though…that is between me and them..haha.

GMC: What are your thoughts on the release of HD remix?
AfroLegends: I think it’s a good game and I enjoy playing it. It’s not a perfect game and I don’t think ST was either but if you keep an open mind and treat it as a new game, you will see that it’s actually pretty good. I know there are a lot of haters, but I’m not one of them. Let’ just say I have a good time playing HDR and I have a good time playing ST and leave it at that.

GMC: What is the ST community like where you live, since the release of SSFIV? 
AfroLegends: Not really sure, but I went to a tournament recently and there was a good amount of people playing ST.

GMC: Even with the age of ST, why do think that people are still playing it competitively?
AfroLegends: I just think its the greatest fighting game ever and the game that started it all. Those old enough will never forget the golden years of SF and what it was like back then.

GMC: What is the future for Afro_Legends and Street Fighter, will you continue entering major events in ST? If so, are there any tournaments coming up we can watch out for you in? 
AfroLegends: The future is bright. I will continue entering major events and having a good time. I probably won’t be able to go to this years EVO due to a work conflict but I plan on going to SoCal Regionals, so watch out for me there!

GMC: Thank you for your time, any closing words?
AfroLegends: Yes, I just want everyone to continue supporting ST/HDR and show up to tournaments around your area.